Newsurf is the only surf school situated on Newgale Beach set at the Western most tip of Pembrokeshire's beautiful National park. We offer group and private surf lessons for beginners and novices.

With our own car park, warm showers, changing facilities, and surf shop on site, Newsurf's Surf School is the perfect choice for learning to surf in Wales.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to give surfing a go for the first time, or someone who wants to improve their cut back, we will have a lesson that will suit you. All our coaches are qualified surf instructors and qualified beach lifeguards.

Lessons cost £35 for a two and a half hour group session, which includes all the equipment you'll need to get you up on your feet.

Surf Instruction
To book your surf lesson give us a call at 01437 721 398 or send us an email

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn at a surf lesson?
We'll teach you the surfing skills you want to attain. For example a two and a half hour lesson has the following goals:
  • Beginner - To have fun! To focus on safety, paddling and catching waves and standing up!
  • Intermediate - Length of ride, stance and standing technique.
How long will it take me to learn to surf ?
This varies between individuals, based on your strength, flexibility, co-ordination and of course your dedication! Depending on the conditions most people get to their feet in their first lesson. We recommend at least a couple of lessons in close succession to learn the basic techniques and safety concepts.
Of course, all surfing lessons should be followed up with lots of practice. Taking lessons after you have had a break from surfing will help to remind you of the right techniques if you have had bit of a break after starting to surf. Private surf lessons are ideal for people wanting to take it to the next step catching green waves and executing cool manoeuvres.
How long does a surf lessons last?
Some of the surf lesson will take place on the beach with most of the lesson in the sea. Lessons are generally two and a half hours long. Please arrive 20 minutes before hand to have time to change into a wet suit, collect your board and meet your instructor. A private surfing lesson will last one hour.
Does surfing equipment cost extra with the surf lesson?
The cost of your Surf lesson includes your surfboard and wetsuit - if you have your own wetsuit please use it. We prefer you to use our surfboards for group lessons. If you wish to use your own board ask the instructor who will be able to the suitability of your board for your level of skill.
What if I want to practice surfing between my surf lessons?
We encourage you to hire the equipment you are using in your classes between lessons. as you improve the instructors can advise you on progressing to an intermediate board. We hire out many different board types to suit all skill lvels. These can be booked out hourly, or by the day depending on your need.
What surfing equipment is supplied by your surf school?
At newsurf we are able to supply all the equipment required for your lesson. We have an enviable range of quality wetsuits from size 6 to extra extra large available. We also use top quality soft boards for beginners and intermediate boards for novices which are safe, stable and easy to learn on.
When Can I Learn to Surf?
Group lessons are held on Weekends from Easter to the end of the summer. Over the school holidays: Easter, Whitsun and the summer holidays lessons are held daily. Private lessons are arranged by appointment dependent on instructor availability.
What Should I Bring?
Sunscreen, swimmers, a towel and a smile. On cooler days warm dry clothing to change back into at the end of your session.
What if its raining on the day of my class?
We surf whether its raining or beautiful and sunny. If it is raining, surfing is the best thing you can do as you are already wet and the water will feel warm.
What if there is no surf?
The only time a lesson is cancelled is in the VERY rare event that there are absolutely no waves. Unless you are a profficient surfer small waves of about a foot are perfect to learn to get to your feet.
How do I book my lesson?
Simply call us on 01437 721398. Depending on demand lessons are run once or twice daily. They are timed to ensure you get the right tide.
How Do I Pay?
We ask you to pay in advance when you book your lesson. This is fully refundable if for any reason we have to cancel the lesson.
How do I get to the surf school?
Newsurf is best accessed by car, however there are daily bus services between Haverfordwest and St Davids. There is also a regular puffin bus that runs between the costal villages. Have a look at the location page for directions.
Where do I go for my lesson?
Park in the Newsurf car park and come to the shop to let us know that you have arrived and we will be able to organise you for your lesson.
Where can I buy a second hand surfboard?
THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! We sell a few of our used soft boards for about £100 but they go fast! If you want to buy a new board we adivse you buy an intermediate board that you can resell easily once you have progressed. Please ask us which board is best for you and your ability. We have a wide range of hire boards that you can hire to assess whiich board best suits you.